Beginning an amazing journey with Baby steps 

Hi there! A new blogger around here? Yeah! that’s me.
I am Anyadiegwu Onyinyechi of (tell a tale with nyinyeh). So not to bore you, this is like a short introduction of myself, ( I hope to make it short though) and the reason why I decided to blog.

To listen,share and advice has been a total definition of me, I am not perfect, no one is, but at least an effort can be made towards correcting a part of our lives. Tellatale with nyinyeh, came with the need for me to share my experiences,listen to others , and for us to derive strength from the fact that we aren’t alone in the struggle, and you get opinions on how to go about a certain issue bothering you. I won’t judge and I don’t expect anyone to, it’s going to be me sharing my thoughts, experiences on issues and I will be glad to hear yours.
Quite young, but I am ever willing to learn and I’m open to take corrections.This platform is open to everyone who isn’t judgemental and willing to tell their stories as a lesson to younger ones or those yet to go through that phase.
Topics that will be discussed is as endless as….. ( don’t know what to replace it with 🤔 just so you know) say something educative, interesting,funny,spiritual and so on. You might have a personal problem, family crisis, relationship issues, don’t worry because I got you.
I am so happy to begin this amazing journey with YOU. Want to be friends with me ,sure!
Welcome on board to my Tellatale boat, let’s sail round some experiences and life changing stories shall we?


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