Been away for so long that I’m scared I will be judged below average. Its is pretty hard juggling school and trying your hands on writing down what I want to share. Been three weeks I returned and seriously, it hasn’t been funny.

Returning back to school was mandatory, since I wasn’t rusticated or withdrawn, but to start with, the journey of over 13 hours by road was pretty annoying, coupled with the fact that I attended school the next day and was given a mandatory assignment. I never knew the way to go about it, up until I made a mental note of some things I am to keep in mind, and got some tips from the net. Might sound kind of unprofessional but I needed some kind of motivation. To be candid, blogging was to be kept away till I’m  done with school,but  I’m not one to derive pleasure in quitting, nor feel the need to think about it.

Back to the top,you might wonder why I apologized, (nothing much) I felt I had done something wrong,  so I just had to do what was required of me.

What do you do when after doing what’s expected of you(apologizing) but it’s not accepted even by the ones closest to you. Apologizing is not about you being weak, or stupid, to me I’m not to be considered weak if I apologize, but honestly you sure have lot of things to do with your time and energy rather than allow someone give you a run for your inner energy, channeling it into becoming the best you have ever dreamt to be would be the best thing ever. ( I currently have a runny nose, blame it on the cascade of tears falling as I type). It’s okay not be strong at all times but it’s not to remain like that for sooooo long.

P.S Few thoughts I thought to share. I’m sure going to create time aside from school activities to write and learn as I do so.


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